Alley Hoops Jam

More Than Basketball

Alley Hoops Jam® is a 501(c)3  organization dedicated to helping the participants improve or maintain their physical health and mental well-being while contributing to the economic development of the community through fun, sporting, entertainment and family-oriented environmental activities.

An investment into the “Alley Hoops Jam Presented by Vegan Vibes Music Series” supports strategic plans which drives community service, physical, mental health & wellness, plant-based lifestyle, health and digital equity education, entrepreneurship, and economic development. With Alley Hoops Jam® being more than just basketball as the anchor program, our development not only benefits our partners and participants, but also brings recognition to selected non-profit organizations and small businesses that have made a difference in the lives of others. 

City Proclamation 2022

Community Initiatives

Time Out for Health and Wealth Speaker Series

Alley Hoops Jam is a strong promoter of healthy living. It is extremely important that people be educated on their health and be provided resources in the community such that people have opportunities to be educated on their personal health and to bridge communication gaps with key stakeholders to create more equitable opportunities. Alley Hoops Jam is proud to announce the “Time Out for Health & Wealth” Interactive Speaker series that will take place during the Alley Hoops Jam weekend.

Free Throws for Free Meals

Alley Hoops Jam will partner with farm-to-fork restaurants and local food shelters throughout the surrounding metro areas to feed the homeless and families in need. Local celebrities and special guests will square off in a free throw shooting competition to raise money for local charities and compassion organizations that feed the hungry.

Alley Hoops and Hopes
Alley Hoops Jam hopes to empower our youth with mentoring alliances that will condition them to be leaders of our future with positive reinforcement, and educational and business development training involving celebrities that provides substance material with their talent. Creating opportunities early on for our younger generation gives them the ability to identify their career interests and possibilities to line them up for success. We hope to build trust with civic, financial, and executive leaders to provide avenues that will support entrepreneurship opportunities, with local and state agency resources and information that prepares small businesses for future establishments.

Operation Take Over, Make Over Alley Hoops Jam is developing partnerships in the community in an effort to restore some playgrounds and city parks within the targeted underserved area. These restoration projects will be the focal point in are Alley Hoops Jam “Operation Take Over, Make Over” Campaign. We will begin our search for parks and schools with basketball courts that need playground restorations. Each Takeover Makeover will come equipped with a new basketball court and Basketball rims. We are promoting physical activity within neighborhoods and revitalization.

Alley Hoops Jam 2022

What You Can Expect

Alley Hoops Jam® presented by Vegan Vibes Music Series and other partnerships sees a pivot of the event to introduce a wider offering; focusing on plant base vendors, health and cultural expressions. The world has become global and this will be the start of bring the world to the Alley Hoops Jam and taking the Alley Hoops Jam to the world!



Interactive discussions on Racial, Health, and Digital Equity


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